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The Constitution was based and written with the for sight of Gods law and than the people and than the Government whom is suppose too be working for the People too ensure these things written in the Constitution are up held. It was a sure win putting Obama in Office due to the fact he was the first American Black man that has ever run for office and sure too get the vote from the American Black population regardless of what came out of his mouth. Obama is a people person and has that likeable personality that can fit in any where, which is great! However it doesn’t mean that makes for a Good Leader. It is we the people that funds the Government payroll it is we the people that funds their dinners parties dress vacations and we the people that continue too fund their paycheck after they leave office for the rest of their lives too the tune of 200.000 a year plus free security guards and medical I am not sure I like the tune of all that. it is the Middle Class that get tax the highest and foots most of this money for the Government, I for one am sick of the Leaders we have had thus far, for they only keep the American people blind as too what really is happening behind the scenes both in Military and Government. Seems our forefathers who fought too be free are more chained than ever to the demands of the Government… at some point We the people are going to have to stand up it does take a Nation to be heard,